Fund Raiser Product : Gift Cards


“Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to be free”, this is the sentiment that burns passionately in the heart of every charitable foundation. More importantly it burns passionately in the heart of every founder of those foundations. It also burns passionately in our heart. Do you have that burning desire? If so, perhaps you can join the ranks of those that are driven to make a difference in the world, who have already started or will be starting soon, a charitable foundation. Of course, at the core of the concept of “charity” is the function of giving. That’s where we come in. iChange Technologies is launching a new package of Business to Business Services designed to assist charitable giving foundations run Fund Raising Campaigns in order to grow their pool of money resources in order to expand their reach and give more help to those in need. At the core of each fund raising Campaign is iChange Technologies $20 Gift Card. In a foundation’s campaign, the recommended gift asking amount per card is $32.50. Foundations can of course run campaigns that can potentially net donations that are significantly higher based on the foundation’s campaign strategy and the generosity of it’s donors. iChange Technologies special pricing for foundations is just $27.50 per card. Cards are sold in bundles of 10, so each foundation investment, will only be $275 per bundle. Help us make a difference in the world. Select the link below to get started.