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Remember Crock Pots also known as Slow Cookers? If you’re in your 20’s and 30’s then you may not have grown up with these devices and may not really appreciate all that they have to offer. As one who must wear multiple hats at times, have you ever felt like there are not enough hours in the day? For many a wife (and some dads), at the end of an 8 hour work day, there still remains dinner to be cooked for the family, and sometimes hotdogs, noodles, or cold cuts, just won’t do. So how does one feed their family a hot and delicious meal with so little time available? Enter your friend and mine, the slow cooker. It’s like having your own personal cook, who will dutifully slave over a hot stove all day, cooking your meal ever so slowly, keeping in all the flavor and tenderness, while you concentrate on “bringing home the bacon”, (cough, cough), what I meant to say was, completing 8 hours of work at your place of employment. I remember purchasing one of these little miracles years ago when I got my first apartment. It was great. Every two weeks, I would spend the first part of my Saturday purchasing groceries to last till the next paycheck. Once at home, I would remove the meats from their packaging and season them. I would then place enough meat for one meal into a quart size freezer bag. Then pack all them neatly in the freezer. On any given day, before leaving for work, I would remove a single package from the freezer, place it in the slow cooker, turn the setting to high, then walk out the door. Returning home after having worked my 8 hour shift, I would stop by the Chinese food restaurant in my neighborhood and pick up a pint of rice. As I walked through the door of my home, I could smell the aroma of that delicious meat, which had been simmering oh so slowly all day long. Fifteen minutes after changing and washing up, I would be sitting down to a delicious, hot meal. By the way, a lot of advances have occurred since that time. Today, there’s no need to make a stop for that pint of rice. There are a number of microwave rices that take just 90 seconds from start to finish, and they are delicious. Just so you know. Slow cookers don’t need the weekends off. They’re great for hot dogs or burgers on Saturdays, short ribs or pot roast on Sundays. You get a hot and tasty meal each time and save a bundle, since you’re not constantly running out for fast food.