Cash In Program Request Form

As you were instructed by the “experts”, you went to dozens of Business Card Exchanges. You invested both time and money in order to do so. You collected business cards by the truckload, brought them home, placed them in the bottom drawer of your desk and that’s where they remained. But what about all the new contracts promised? What about the financial freedom? What about vacations, new vehicles and new homes? Was it all for nothing? Perhaps it was, until now! iChange Technologies can’t tell you how to get those vacations and homes, but we ARE WILLING TO PAY for all those long forgotten BUSINESS CARDS sitting in the bottom of your desk drawer. We are willing to pay UP TO $1.00 PER BUSINESS CARD. You might asking, “DOES IT MATTERS HOW OLD THE CARDS ARE”? It doesn’t. If you have them, we want them! Here’s how it works!

O1# : Fill Out The Required Fields Below
02# : Receive a formatted spreadsheet to input the data
03# : Receive a link from us, to upload your file
04# : We process your file & write you a check
05# : You receive our check by mail Within 72 hours