Welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by! We are elated that you are considering joining us! Let us tell you a little bit about the program. First, be aware that there are NO UPFRONT DEPOSITS, NO CREDIT CHECKS and NO DIRECT DEBITS to your bank account required, however an ACTIVE bank account is REQUIRED for APPROVAL. Our Secure Form request a valid bank account number and bank routing number (not the bank name), which is used by us to send 2 small deposits. Prior to final approval of your application we will require that you verify the deposits made. That having been said, your only other requirement is that you pay the “Min Monthly Fee” on time, each month to ensure that you receive the maximum annual return on your investment. Your card comes preloaded with a designated credit amount, which is satisfied by your first 3 Minimum Monthly Fees, no interest is accumulated during this period, however, you are free to pay any additional amount over the MMF, and it will be added to your card, thus allowing you to raise your “credit limit” to any level you desire, as you see fit. Please be advised, you may make only one MMF per month, so “credit limit increases” must be exercised at that time. One final piece of good news! There are NO limits on the number of “Investment Blocks” that can be acquire, however, please be aware that your MMF (Minimum Monthly Fee) is multiplied by the number of Investment Blocks you are requesting. The number of Investment Blocks (IB) is requested at the time of the submission of your application and cannot be changed, except at the start of every 12 month period for the life of your account. Once again, thank you for considering us. Remember, “Together We Are Building An Industry”!
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