Income Opportunities


We supply the products, you supply the effort, WE SPLIT THE PROFIT 50/50! As an independent contractors, you run the show. You identify your market. You collect the client’s Business Name, Customer Contact Name, Contact Address (if applicable), Contact Phone (if applicable) and the last 4 digits of the client’s SS# (used to uniquely identify the customer in our system, it also ties customer to agent for payments. Agents need only supply customer 4 digit identifier to claim each payment. If you’re interested in becoming an independent contractor for our products, send your Name, Phone number, last 4 digits of your ss#, and preferred method of payment ie. Paypal, CashApp, Popmoney ect, to to receive a welcome package and detailed instructions. We look forward to working with you. Remember, “Together we are building an industry, and we can help our clients and our client’s clients, to dream!!”

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